Sunday, September 19, 2010


Nicola Vassell, co-director of Pace's 534 West 25th St. gallery invited me to the Sept. 16 extravaganza,
which equalled the archival retrospective of modern art treasures. Abstract Expressionism and Pop at 534, and down the block, 21st century masterpieces at 510. "People forget how extraordinary Pace's history is.. the level of development that must go into building a gallery (and by extension a community) so fortuitously that it can withstand any test -- including time, " Nicola said. Revelers included Jim Dine and Diana Michener, Chuck Close, Fab Freddy, Vito Schnabel, Eteri Chkadua, Joel Shapiro, Bob Holman, Richard Chai, Phillip Lim, Aurel Schmidt and a glamorous cast of art lovers. 

Vita Zaman, Nicola Vassell, Gregorio Franchetti
Vito Schnabel and Gregorio Franchetti
Eteri Chkadua of Jamaica and Georgia, and Fab Freddy
25th St. viewers and an Alex Katz landscape

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